Bald tyres and Roadworthy costs

Bald tyres and Roadworthy costs

Time for a roadworthy? Pulled over and told your tyres are not safe? Lost your spare?tyesr

Aus auto parts keeps Second-Hand Tyres in singles and sets for lots of reasons.

Often we can supply a brand new tyre that has never been used from a spare.
We don’t keep old or damaged tyres and can supply sets that match the tread patterns.

Vehicles must have matching tread patterns on at least front pairs and rear pairs to be roadworthy and safe.

Tyres have age dates and should be in good, unweathered condition, no cracks, bulges or repairs to the sidewall.

Don’t buy any tyres if they do not meet the above standards, and of course they must have full and even tread depth on all areas of all the tyres.

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