Lost your keys?

Lost your keys?

One of the most annoying and difficult to resolve scenarios is losing your car keys.

How do you replace an electronic key coded the vehicles security system, which sometimes no longer has the traditional key blade you insert into the ignition!

A modern automotive locksmith can re-programme some keys to match your car, some are more difficult than others and a few cannot be fixed.

At Aus Auto Parts we are constantly researching the immobiliser systems as new vehicles come to us so we can give you a solution for lost keys, stolen damaged vehicles and vandalism solutions.

car-tip2Aus Auto Parts can provide a ‘Lock set or ‘Key kit’ for your car.

Each model and series of vehicle has a particular set of components that make up the electronic and mechanical section of the vehicles security system. The cost can vary depending on the complexity or age of the vehicle, but we will match part numbers and VINs to ensure the Lock Set you receive will fit your vehicle and work correctly.

They are all genuine parts and we include door and ignition key barrels so that your new key starts the vehicle, unlocks the boot and doors and talks to the remote and proximity sensors.

Take our lock set to your mechanic and your vehicle will soon be underway, as good as new!

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